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Misc. Death Listings 1916- 1945

Last Name, First Middle, DOD, POD
POD means Place of Death which will be a City, Twp or Village in DuPage.
? means can't read

ANDRE, Rosina Jane, 1.30.1935, Hinsdale
ARENDS, Barbara, 4.26.1935, Winfield
ARENDS, John, 11.18.1941, Winfield Vil.
DUM, Mary Alice, 3.17.1933, Hinsdale
DUM, Paul Brownson, 12.28.1920, Downers Grove
HORTON, C?lester M., 11.14.1945, Elmhurst
HORTON, David H., 2.2.1946, Elmhurst
HORSTMANN, Frederick, 6.13.1933, Wheaton
HORSTMEIR, Lucretia M., 1.21.1942, Macerville Twp.
HORVATH, Steve, 12.14.1920, ?
HULSEBERG, Fred Herman, 11.18.1931, Elmhurst
HULSEWIG, Gustav A., 6.15.1941, Elmhurst
HATTEN, William Seward, 4.28.1934, Elmhurst
HATTENDORF, Dorothea, 4.12.1934, Bloomingdale Twp.
HATTENDORF, Fred, 11.27.1943, Wayne Twp.
FLINT, Mary S., 2.23.1945, Hinsdale Vil.
KATTEN, Bach Frederick, 7.26.1939,Elmhurst
KATTEN, John, 11.4.1931, Elmhurst
LANDWEHR, Augusta, 11.28.1944, Elmhurst
LANDWEHR, Caroline, 11.19.1930, Glen Ellyn
LANDWEHR, George Henry, 5.11.1932, Addison Twp.
LANDWEHR, Henry, 12.24.1928, Elmhurst
LANDWEHR, Ida H., 4.4.1940, Glen Ellyn
LANDWEHR, Rose, 10.29.1931, Glen Ellyn
LANDWEHR, Margrett, 5.16.1921, Addison Twp.
LANDWEHR, Otto, 6.15.1929, Glen Ellyn
LANDWEHR, Phillip, 10.29.1939, Elmhurst
LANDWELER, Herman, 2.10.1937, Elgin
LaDELL, Layette, 10.3.1920, York Twp.
MEYER, Minnie, 8.30.1918, Hinsdale
MEYER, Minnie Martha, 7.29.1935, Hinsdale
MEYER, Anna M., 9.21.1944, Glen Ellyn Vil.
MEYER, Arthur Lincoln, 2.14.1916, Hinsdale
MEYER, Alvin C., 6.2.1921, Elmhurst
MACMILLAN, William, 1.1.1939, Not Listed
MACMILLEN, Edward L., 5.10.1937, Not Listed
MACNAR,John T., 7.26.1943, Glen Ellyn Vil
SCHMIDT, Ernest Henry, 6.16.1927, Bensenville
WHITTE, John, 2.5.1916, York Twp.
WITTLOW, Frank M., 6.26.1943, ?
WHITTAKER, Molly, 8.11.1939, Elgin

 Contributed by Candi Horton
 December 16, 1999

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